About Us

Krafty Girls is a Challenge Blog created by two best friends, Maribel and Jennifer.  They wanted a place where they could create their own challenges and meet new crafters along the way. 

Meet the Founders...

Hello!  My name is Maribel.  I have been crafting for the last seven years.  I think it all started when I was in high school.  I would clip magazine pictures and put them into an album.  It started out really basic and it turned into something that I took pride in.  When I look back at this book I realized that the pages look like layouts J  I formally started paper crafting when a friend invited me to her SU! Workshop.  I was hooked! To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would like making cards.  To my surprise, I LOVED it!! Now, I own two Cricuts and a Gypsy, and an insane amount of materials that I can craft with. I love making handmade cards and gifts.  I primarily make cards but my goal is to start scrapbooking this year. 

You may be wondering how this challenge blog came to be.  I met Jennifer back when I was in college.  I have had the privilege of having her as my BFF and my colleague at work!  I am so lucky to be able to go to work and be next door to my best friend.  Our classrooms are literally next door to each other and we even share a door.  It has been awesome!  We had both wanted to start a challenge blog, and we began to discuss it a few months ago and the rest is history.

I am looking forward to meeting more crafters.  When I first began my blog, I had no clue that I would find a community of kind and encouraging people.  I hope to share my love of crafting with everyone, and encourage others in the same way.  I am so excited to start this journey and see your wonderful creations on Krafty Girls challenges. 

Hello crafters!  My name is Jennifer.  Ever since I can remember I've been a crafter.  I used to have a bin under my bed and it was labeled crafts.  It was my favorite thing to pull out every Saturday morning after cartoons.  I remember cutting out construction paper and adding glitter to my projects, it all came very natural to me.  Fast forward about 20 years and that's when my crafts became my passion.  I seriously started crafting after I attended my first Stampin' Up! workshop, don't we all start there?  After the workshop I hurried home and hopped on YouTube to find out more about papercrafting.  To my surprise there was a huge community that I had no clue about.  I instantly knew that this is where I was meant to be.  After watching videos for about a week I went out and bought myself a Cricut.  Now three Cricuts, a Gypsy, almost 100+ cartridges, and a new craft room later, I am now IN LOVE!

I was never really into the blog scene, I was more of a YouTuber.  I made a blog, but I was never really active on it until Maribel told me that she started doing challenges.  I always heard of challenges, but never knew that "normal" people like you and me could enter.  I reluctantly joined my first challenge and I was hooked.  I loved being "challenged" and creating out of my comfort zone.  I soon was checking my favorite challenge blogs everyday!  Once I felt pretty confident with my work, I decided to apply to a couple design teams and I made it! 

I love being in the crafting community and meeting new people.  I hope that Krafty Girls becomes one of your favorite challenge blogs and you stop by to see our current and future challenges.  We created Krafty Girls as a place to have fun.  A place to show off what you love to do... CRAFT